New Year’s Resolutions [ COMIC ]

Maybe that is why the acronym for League of Legends is LOL, eh?

Okay, so I’ve never actually played League of Legends myself. I know some people who do and they all enjoy it, but RTS games have never really be the genre I gravitate towards. They are more of an occasional distraction… A one night stand, if you will.

I’m not saying they can’t be fun. I’m just saying that if they’re there I might play them, but it’s definitely not going to be a long term relationship. Capish?

source: Taihen Dechu!


  • Never really played, either. But my friends post enough memes that I think I understand it.

  • asquian

    LOL is a sometimes game. My son likes to play it, and wants me to play with him, but the game itself is interesting for maybe an hour a week tops.

  • Triaxx2

    I have read and seen enough to know that I have no interest at all in it. I like RTS games, but if I want my face rubbed in how bad I am, I’ll play Starcraft instead.

  • Meowththatsnotright

    If you can call hour long games that can turn around in an instant uncomplicated :P

  • Dash12345678

    Wait, it’s an RTS? I was convinced it was a MOBA. Guess not caring about something can lead to huge misunderstandings.

  • David

    It is an MOBA. Though if you don’t care enough one way or the other I can see why someone would call it an RTS.

    • Phaelin

      You mean an action RTS. Giving it a fancy acronym doesn’t change what it is.

      • Callback

        It’s not even close. LoL is a true MOBA. DotA 2 is an RTS disguised as a MOBA because they just said f*** it, the original was built out of an RTS, let’s replicate every single frustration of the original engine in our shiny new game.

  • Callback

    A: Not an RTS. Not even close.
    B: Yes, that’s the promise that draws you in, fast, fun. Then Dominion comes at you saying it’s even faster and MORE fun. Now you’re up 1900 elo running pubs with the DD crowd and begging on your knees every day for Riot to pay some f*cking attention and balance the map already! It’s been over 2 years Riot! You said ranked was just the flip of a switch away!!! YOU PROMISED RIOT!!!!!

  • Noblood

    The game is all fun and (WoW) —> “friendly” <— (Srs?) and all until someone either from your team or the enemy team utter the words: "report" or "noob" then you'd wish you'd never been born (or installed the game) because everyone will turn toxic in less than a min.