Never Been Touched [ COMIC ]

This comic is a guest strip that I had originally created for The PC Weenies‘ 10 year celebration. Even though the comic itself only ran on The PC Weenies last week, I can still run it here today for three reasons… First, most of you didn’t click the link from my original posting, so it’s brand new to the majority of you. Second, iPod Touches are also gaming consoles so the strip is relevant. Third, tomorrow is election day here in the U.S. Okay, the third reason might not be a good one, but all my reasons are still factually true.

Not to change the subject, but I really want this.

As I said, don’t forget that the final round to Electoral Kombat begins tomorrow. So make sure you vote counts by actually casting one. Unless you live in another country, then you can just wait to vote in your own elections and just be happy knowing that this twenty month campaign for a new American president finally ends tomorrow. If you’re just too young to vote, then enjoy being able to blame someone else for whatever the next president does to screw up the country. After all, that’s what presidents usually do… depending on who you talk to, of course.