Must Love Sagat [ COMIC ]

That’s just mean, Vega. You should have mentioned that he was smelly too.

You know the real reason he’s mad is because Sagat didn’t have to switch names with anyone when Street Fighter II came out stateside…Unlike M. Bison, Vega and Balrog.

  Street Fighter II Name Changes

Vega (Japan) > M. Bison (U.S.)
Balrog (Japan) > Vega (U.S.)
M. Bison (Japan) > Balrog (U.S.)


  • BigLord

    “Vega” sounds much more spanish than “Balrog”, but “M. Bison” is supposed to be a parody of “Mike Tyson”, soooo… I guess Balrog should have been the evil dictator.

    don’t mind me, I’m brainstorming.

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      The way I view it is this:

      Vega is the name of a star. Big bads with psionic powers and the names of stars/constellations go together hand in hand.

  • Armane

    “Vega (Japan) > M. Bison (U.S.) > Dictator (FGC)
    Balrog (Japan) > Vega (U.S.) > Claw (FGC)
    Mike (SF1) > M. Bison (Japan) > Balrog (U.S.) > Boxer (FGC)”

    Wish they’d go back and fix this mess though. Or just drop all 3 characters from the roster like SFIII.