More Con Artistry [ COMIC ]

Mike stopped by.

Mike laughed at the poster.

Mike bought a poster

Be like Mike!

Also, be like Matthew and Matt Donahoe (not Donahue) as well… They all swung by my table and supported Dueling Analogs after seeing the comic from yesterday. The forum thread for the last comic was pretty interesting, as well.

Just finished my second day at Nekocon today. Had a friggin’ blast. I’ll post more about that on Monday after said event is said and done. Needless to say, I will definitely be attending next year, too.

Keeping this short. Going to do one last sketch comic while I’m at the table tomorrow and then I’ll get started on Monday’s comic when I get home tomorrow night. I’ll shoot to get Monday’s strip up as close to midnight as possible. Want to get the comics up at a more reasonable time as you, the audience, deserve more regularity… Dueling Analogs: now with 80% more fiber. See you then!