Moon Pearl [ COMIC ]

Ah, nostalgia…

source: Boumeries


  • Phaelin

    So, you need it to continue and can’t go back to get it?

    • Yue

      Pretty sure there are portals back to the overworld in a few places, but not sure if you can get them as a bunny.

    • Nobody

      You can use the mirror in bunny form to get back to the light world. In fact that is how you got to the dungeon in the first place.

      Just one of those oh crap moments when you realize you missed something very important and have to backtrack to find what you missed.

    • TP

      You don’t necessarily need it, but unless you want to try to complete the dark world as a bunny with no weapon, you need it :)

  • Whitenut

    In the first panel you show an end game boss that can only be fought if you have had the pearl for some time. But as others have said there are numerous places you can goto to get transported back to the light world even if you are a bunny or lack the magic mirror so its no real issue.

    • Monster_user

      Well, I had this exact same problem. I couldn’t figure out where that Moon Pearl was, and I traveled all over Hyrule looking for clues. I even went all the way to the first dark world dungeon looking for it.

      When I first went through the dungeon on Death Mountain, I couldn’t figure out which hole to drop through, and I couldn’t remember which arrangement I had the holes in the last time I was up. Then I had this crazy notion that I had to drop from another level higher. Then after fighting Moldorb, I just got tired of the dungeon and left it for a while.

    • Firelord

      The teleporters only exist in the Light World and bring you to the Dark World. If you are stuck in the Dark World without the Moon Pearl, the Magic Mirror is the only way back. And since you get it on your way to the top of the mountain, missing that is impossible.

  • Xuncu

    Heh, once in Oracle of Ages– the temple with the “swictheroo hookshot” item, I didn’t realise it worked on enemies, but I still beat the dungeon boss (which, naturally, calls for the S.H.) WITHOUT it.

  • On that aspect, I’m reminded of Four Swords Adventure on the Gamecube. People reported needed certain tools to beat the boss, but to our surprise we found that there was several different ways of beating bosses, especially when they don’t have a way of trading tools during the fight.

    The boss seemed to change weakness or strategy needed to be adapted to the tools currently on hands, but I haven’t seen a boss that you could get *stuck* for not having the right tool on hand. I liked that very much. Although its not ‘traditional’ Zelda formula there since there’s no permanent tool, it was still a very enjoyable experience.