Monopoly: Before and After [ COMIC ]

You should never discuss sex, religion, and politics OR play Monopoly in polite company. Games of Monopoly, if they ever actually end, never end well. I cannot recall ever having a game of Monopoly end were everyone playing is happy, unless of course you were playing with yourself and then there’s only about a 75% chance that someone is going to be upset.

Another board game that can be a major cause for turmoil is RISK. Whomever gets Australia can make it easy to predict whether or not it will be a pleasant game even before the first move is made.

On a side note, I find it funny that a game like Cards Against Humanity, which is anything but a family game (the tagline for the game is “A party game for horrible people”), is probably one of the best games to put everyone in a good mood. Just saying…