Modern Rivals [ COMIC ]

Is…is this really what has happened? I haven’t played Pokémon game since 20XX, but are you rivals now this much of a pushover? Is this why the Nuzlocke Challenge exists, to add a much needed level of difficulty to the Pokémon franchise? And why am I only asking questions in this post?

source: deviantART


  • K7

    That’s why even though you may hate him, you always respect Gary Motherfuckin’ Oak

  • Paul D’Arbonne

    Well, actually, to be fair she does heal you once or twice before battling, but she doesn’t always do it. It happens less and less as you go along in the story. This is especially true near the end when all four of your friends battle you in succession. Honestly, I don’t care as I’m more of a meta gamer who could care less about the story so the faster I get through that the faster I’m breeding out the perfect Pokemon. lol

  • Orangezforus

    i kinda liked it when the rivals were actually rivals and less of your friend