Mod Behavior [ COMIC ]

I am curious just how many people actually play PC games from the comfort of a couch? I have a computer attached to the TV in my living room, but I never use it to play video games. I use it to stream video content. If I’m playing video games on the TV, I’m using a console. If I’m playing video games on a PC, I am not on the couch. That’s just me.



    Depends on the game for me. If it’s a game I primarily play with the controller, I scoot back to the couch with my Dualshock 4. If it’s a game that works best with mouse and keyboard, I sit up close with mouse and keyboard. Nothing wrong with having a preference or exercising both options.

  • Sigurther

    I dont think I’d be able to. One of the benefits of PC gaming is having my rig set up in a way thats comfortable for gaming, placement of speakers for optimal sound, position of keyboard and mouse to relieve the most wrist stress. Prolly be easier just to mount a high def tv on the wall behind my computer desk! The couch seems better suited for console gaming, where it’s just a player and a control. Alternatively, I do love me some youtube on a 47″ screen. ;)