Mirror Mirror [ COMIC ]

I really don’t recommend trying this at home.


  • Metal C0Mmander

    Meh I’d do it. She still acts more normal than me.

    • carmeops

      i know right? i have a much more psychopathic grin than her, i wouldn’t mind :)

  • thewood

    She’s pretty hot, I’m going to go try this now.
    Sort of reminds me of the Fake Geek Girl video.

  • Booka

    … I’d be fine with that

  • CoolDude

    Why would it be scary? It’s every boys dream! Like nerds always dream of a girl MTG player

  • Xuncu

    A Summon Spell? “Summon: Able Whore”… no? “Hefner’s Accomadating Ladymancy”…

  • TheAceOfSkulls

    For those missing the joke, here’s a better example