The Stockings were Hung by the Chimney with Care [ COMIC ]

Does this mean that all the bad boys and girls started playing Minecraft so that getting coal in their stocking on Christmas was a good thing? Makes me wonder what the children who are playing Second Life were getting from Santa?

Here’s a question? Has anyone reading this ever played Second Life before? I guess I should have prefaced that question with an earlier question: Is there anyone out there willing to admit that they have played Second Life before? And then a follow up question: Was it fun?

Personally, I’ve never played it before. Second Life has been around since 2003. I did a Google search to see what it looks like in 2013 and the graphics are not bad. Still wouldn’t compel me to play that type of game, but it’s still a pretty looking game I wouldn’t play.

Great having a comic about Minecraft and Christmas, and I create an accompanying post about Second Life. Way to go!