Mike Tyson’s Cop Out!! [ COMIC ]

My entire childhood was a lie… Well, not all of it. Just the part about Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!… Actually, I never really played Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! as a kid. So I guess my childhood is still intact. Disregard.


  • MindTricked

    It wasn’t really a surprise, all things considered – Mike didn’t strike me as the kind of young man that grew up playing video games – his life didn’t allow for such things. That being said, I’m sure Michael Jackson could play the hell out of Moonwalker.

  • kit

    mike only was in the game, MJ actually helped design his game so yea he probly could of beat it

    • porkroll

      Me: ‘Mike, this game is too hard.’

      MJ: ‘Just beat it…just beat it….’

  • Lagaes

    Once, I saw a video of Rush getting a game over on Tom Sawyer on Guitar Hero. It didn’t ruin my childhood, though. It was even rather fun.

  • Mike

    in the end those bones are white…. theres a race joke in there but it’s 1 AM.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I never played the original Mike Tyson’s Punch Out in my youth-I had the version with “Mr. Dream”