Mewtwo, I Love You! [ COMIC ]

For some Pokémon, like Mewtwo for example, I think that bonding and affection should be replaced with retaining one’s dignity. At this point, I believe the only thing Mewtwo wants to here from his trainer is: “Mewtwo, I euthanize you!”


  • Llufetsat

    This is exactly how I felt after I caught my Yveltal. “Here, you giant, demon spawned flying bringer of death, have a cupcake!”

    • kit

      I have to agree for a giant death bringer Yveltal is surprisingly cuddly… to be fair though Yveltal isn’t all that more evil then the lion that killed a zebra its just on a bigger scale :P so being able to cuddle him makes more sense than cuddling mewtwo who has an IQ above and probley beyond human levels it would be more accurate if you could give mewtwo books to read or something..

  • BigLord

    The second-to-last face completely cracked me up :lol:

  • Lektio

    Mewtwo doesn’t really go for belly rubs – he prefers palm massages. Just don’t pat him on the head, or he really does make the same face as the the one in panel five. I got the distinct feeling that he was trying to make my head explode.