Message from Beyond the Grave [ COMIC ]

When I was writing the tag for this comic, I needed to enter the word Ouija. I kept typing Ouya instead and could not get my brain to spell it correctly. So I went over to Google, typed it phonetically as “Weegie Board Game”, and the first result was the correct spelling, but then I felt sad that there wasn’t actually a Weegie board game. It sucks to be Weegie. But then I was happy that there wasn’t a Weegee board game, because that game would give me nightmares.

source: Optipess


  • Vilhelm

    Easy way to remember the spelling of the game: It is a combination of “oui” and “ja”, which are “yes” in French and German, respectively.

    Also, I prefer this PBF comic, with a much cooler ancestor:

    • Annales

      Zank you Wilhelm! ;)