Mega Truth [ COMIC ]

First off, I know it is sad, but I think this comic is pretty damn accurate. It’s a shame. I think there’s still a lot of good years left in the little blue bomber. Too bad that Capcom doesn’t feel the same.

Second, so when I was adding the tags for the video games referenced in this comic I could not figure one of them out. I got Mega Man, Bubsy, Toe Jam & Earl, Cool Spot and Aero the Acro-Bat, but I could not figure out who the ant like creature that you see from behind, in the final panel, was. It almost looks like an amalgam of Rayman and Plok.

Any help with this dilemma would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Thanks to Asquian and Bradson Goldie for letting me know that the missing character was Dynamite Headdy from his self-titled game. Never actually played that game. Probably part of the reason why I never knew what it was. Still, seeing as the game was developed by Treasure (ie. Gunstar Heroes, Guardian Heroes, Mischief Makers) it might be worth playing.

source: Double Xp


  • Asquian
  • Kintrex

    Mega Man, you don`t belong with with those losers! You had way more games than any of them!

    • Oscar

      Just as forgotten however :(

  • Kira

    It’s not like Megaman is in fucking Smash Bros or anything…

    Doesn’t mean Capcom themselves are doing anything with the IP! But I’m just saying there’s enough love for the blue bomber, don’t rope him in with those misfits…

  • Chaos

    I fucking LOVED Dynamite Headdy. Always has had a soft spot in my heart. Same with Cool Spot.

  • Xuncu

    Yah, I never played his game— I had an (early early) I think it was EGM with a bit of a guide in it, and that’s the only way I recognised him. THe game looked pretty trippy, I should find ROM or something at least.

    Hm, maybe I shoulda kept those old gaming mags, or at least make a list of old games to hunt down and try. I remember I used to have this huge NES guidebook for a bunch of games on it, including one of the Ninja Turtles games (the one with THAT dam stage), Boy and his Blob, Ducktales— forgot what else was on it.

  • Marf

    At least we’ll have Mighty No. 9

  • Amethyst

    Dynamite Headdy was great. Just a fun platformer from back in the days before everyone mysteriously forgot how to make good platformers.

  • guardianmega

    Three points to make: first, no one EVER claimed that the new games hitting Wii U were new games. They were always pegged as “classic” titles. The first panel is misleading.

    Second, although I’ve been feeling like I agree with what happened at the end of the strip to a certain extent (even if Mega Man had much, much longer runs than the other, more disposable characters he’s with), I also feel like his appearance in Super Smash Bros. somewhat negates that. We’ll never, ever see any of these other characters in a Smash Bros. game.

    Third, I sometimes feel like there are those in Capcom who have no control over new project development who really love Mega Man, and that they kind of use these retro releases to throw his continued popularity in management’s face. Hopefully, that faction will one day win out, and we’ll get new Mega Man games.

    Until then, I’m still downloading these like there’s no tomorrow.