Mega Truth [ COMIC ]

First off, I know it is sad, but I think this comic is pretty damn accurate. It’s a shame. I think there’s still a lot of good years left in the little blue bomber. Too bad that Capcom doesn’t feel the same.

Second, so when I was adding the tags for the video games referenced in this comic I could not figure one of them out. I got Mega Man, Bubsy, Toe Jam & Earl, Cool Spot and Aero the Acro-Bat, but I could not figure out who the ant like creature that you see from behind, in the final panel, was. It almost looks like an amalgam of Rayman and Plok.

Any help with this dilemma would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Thanks to Asquian and Bradson Goldie for letting me know that the missing character was Dynamite Headdy from his self-titled game. Never actually played that game. Probably part of the reason why I never knew what it was. Still, seeing as the game was developed by Treasure (ie. Gunstar Heroes, Guardian Heroes, Mischief Makers) it might be worth playing.

source: Double Xp