Mega Becomes a Man [ COMIC ]

I still do this every time…The jumping through the door thing, that is, and not the internal monologue. Just wanted to make sure we were clear about that.


  • UndeadLex

    The only time Megaman can fly, is the boss room transition.

    • Optimus MO’FO Prime

      Rush attachments, anyone?

      • UndeadLex

        I thought of that after I had already posted.
        *le sigh*
        Didn’t think it was worth going back and adding a reply to myself, guess I should’ve.

    • Optimus MO’FO Prime

      Rush attachments, anyone?

      • Optimus MO’FO Prime

        Fuck it, I hate computer lag.

  • Rahentho

    Same here circa MM2.

  • Thegreatklaid

    I do this and I didn’t grow up with Megaman, it’s just fun.

  • I do this every time!

  • Kyle

    I do that too, although I prefer inching forward, so he doesn’t run through the door, just standing-slides through.

  • Michael from DK

    I do it in Outland instead :D

  • Phaelin

    Just to be extra clear, I will now be doing the internal monologue whilst jumping through the gates.

  • 06th

    I prefer mid-air dashing through them in the MMX games (don’t know if you can do that in all of them, I haven’t played several), but yes, always some form of jump.

  • eetmorturkee

    *obligatory link to The Protomen and discussion about awesomeness*