Me and My Shadow [ COMIC ]

Normally I don’t explain comics, but some of you may not play or read or watch Naruto or have also played or even heard of Shadow of the Colossus (real shame). Well, in Naruto there is a character called Shikamaru who has the ability to merge his shadow with another’s shadow. Which in turn also links their movements. Needless to say the point is Shikamaru controls shadows and the colossi in the picture is from Shadow of the Colossus. Get it?

The hardest part of doing this comic (hardest, not longest… longest was shading the colossi) was deciding whether or not to have Shikamaru say “What a drag” or “How troublesome”. “What a drag” is from the English dub and “How troublesome” is from the original Japanese. Its a purist/dub argument. I chose the English version because more people are familiar with it. Also, I feel the two are rather similar (unlike Naruto saying “Believe it!”).

I went to Marscon on Saturday. No Rich Burlew, but I did see a webcomic panel with the creators from Draconia Chronicles, Fragile Gravity and Conscrew. Very entertaining…