Maybe we should see other people… [ COMIC ]

It was announced yesterday that Dragon Quest IX was not going to be released on the PS3 or the Wii or even the 360, but on the Nintendo DS. Wow! This may not be as big of a deal for the western world, but in Japan the Dragon Quest series is so popular that the government passed a law that bans Dragon Quest games from ever being released on a weekday in order to prevent mass amounts of people calling out of work sick (it actually happened when Dragon Quest III was released).

So why would Square-Enix choose the DS? In my opinion, two reasons. One, the Nintendo DS is the fastest selling and most popular console in Japan, so its the best bet audience wise. And two, none of the next gen consoles are anywhere close to having “dominance”… so why choose one only to have later choosen poorly.

Something else I noticed, the two female characters in the game look like Alena from Dragon Quest IV and Flora from Dragon Quest V. Maybe they will reveal more about this later on…