Mario Kartoon [ COMIC ]

Yeah, this pretty much summed up that phrase perfectly. I love the subtle Luigi Death Stare in the second to last panel, by the way.

source: deviantART


  • oldtaku

    Happens just as often:
    – Panel 2: ink squid
    – Panel 3: blue shell
    – Panel 4: lightning
    – Panel 5: knocked off road by Ludwig
    – Panel 6: Luigi green shell – definitely keep the Luigi there.

  • Sky Render

    That’s 150CC in a nutshell, really. The AI is vindictive as hell. It actually saves up its power-ups when in 2nd through 6th place, and will only target players with them. The upshot of this in MK8 is, since rubberbanding is either much less blatant or gone (not sure which, hopefully the latter), you can basically become immune to everything but blue shells and affects-everyone attacks if you get a big enough lead.