Mario Gets Big [ COMIC ]

Mushroom Kingdom Viagra… Ever notice that Mario and his cohorts are the only ones ever taking advantage of the vast array of powerups? I think it would be cool if the enemies could take advantage of them as well: fire spitting koopas, invincible Bullet Bills or goombas riding Yoshis. The possibilities are endless.

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  • ThisIsNotDan

    Well, there are already fireball-shooting hammer bros, and Yoshis would never allow bad guys to use them. As for invincible bullet bills, I feel like it’s probably been done somewhere along the line, but I can’t think of when.

    • I don’t know about Bullet Bills, but there’s a flashing Koopa Shell in Super Mario World. If a Koopa manages to climb into it, It will become invincible and rapidly spin as it tries to mow you down. Fortunately, it can’t chase you very far.

      On the flip side, there’s Kuribo’s Boot in Super Mario Brothers 3. There’s already an enemy using the boot, but if you manage to eject him from it you can commandeer it for yourself. Pity it’s only usable in the one stage you find it in.

  • 3DLand: Tailed enemies.
    I think there are more examples in NSMB, but just at minor parts.

    Would really be awesome though, when there was a race against enemies for power ups. :)

  • Anon

    Super paper Mario – a koopa uses a star to become gigantic, you need to get another star and kick his ass

  • Ryu

    “People always assume Mario is ‘eating’ the mushrooms. However, the only thing I’ve ever read (that was canon), on the subject, is that the original intent is that Mario is freeing these beings and they grant him the power as a reward.”

    “Since that time, not a single part of the Mario world has done anything (to my knowledge) to refute that, even if it is no longer made clear or implied (or even intended). So there’s honestly no reason, other than a weird human bias, to assume Mario is harming or consuming these clearly living (and presumably sentient) entities to gain power from them. The explanation provided would explain why no creatures benefit from power-ups. The entities granting them to Mario and his allies, have no desire to grant their benefits to Bowser’s minions.”

    • Phaelin

      Why is this in quotes?

      • GenericArrogance

        Because he is quoting it – you know, when you say word for word what someone else has said?

    • Metal C0Mmander

      Actually in the RPGs mushrooms are the prime source of nourishment for the residents of the mushroom kingdom. Mario even use them in recipices in the paper serie.

      • Xuncu

        Yeah, I can also remember a few times where it was explicitly said they eat mushrooms, but nothing poking at that it was seen as wierd or cannibalistic. And, at most that it seems to be presented, is that the various sentient species (the Toads, the Beans), are all technically mammals with fungi/plant/whatever-like characteristics.

        But then again: Valentina and Miss Flurrie are a bird and a cloud, and they have breasts.

        We shall not discuss what Birdo adds to this.