Magic Smartglass on the Wall [ COMIC ]

On Wednesday [1], Microsoft reported about the Xbox One’s failure to Kinect. Eh…? Microsoft now plans to release an Xbox One carrying a lower $399.99 price tag, but without the Kinect along for the ride.

Is this a smart move, on Microsoft’s part? Well, it definitely can’t hurt.

source: Facebook


  • BigLord

    It’s a shame for the Kinect, really. That thing has so much potential :\

  • JohnnyH87

    This makes me consider the Xbox One as a more viable choice. Since I would probably use the new one the same way I currently use my Xbox 360, hooked up to my PC monitor, I really don’t have enough space to use the Kinect.

    Plus, there’s the possibility that by not using the Kinect, more of the consoles processing power can be used for the games instead.

  • Sky Render

    The battles between the PS4 and ‘Bone are quaint to me. I already have a PC, why would I get another, markedly more sub-par one? Let alone one where games cost 2 to 10 times as much, there’s no ability to play any games on them that predate the systems’ releases, and everything worth noting coming out for either is also hitting PC? It actually made a bit of sense back in the days of the PS2 to get a console, since there actually were a lot of games on consoles that were exclusive to them. But nowadays, all of the “system sellers” get released on both of the HD Twins and PC. Poor incentive, in short.

    Now a Wii U, that I didn’t mind investing in. Nintendo’s not going PC any time soon, and they actually get that a console needs to be more than an outdated PC with a library of cross-platform titles.