Logical Evolution [ COMIC ]

It makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it.


  • AndrewFoose

    It makes sense coming from the other way: a gun evolving into a cannon. But the animal parts are more apparent.

  • Humm… is like gloom and bellossom?

  • tustin2121

    …Octillery has an evolved form?

  • Derek

    maybe… remoraid is one of those fish that ‘sucks’ onto things like mantine, maybe its the evolution of suction?

  • Heartless

    The last one somehow reminds me of OnePiece: A Bazooka that has eaten the Dog-Fruit, a Sword that has eathen the Elephant-fruit…best not to think about it any further.

    • Yo, the New World needs to have so many more inanimate objects with devil fruit abilities, man!
      Can’t wait to see what else Oda comes up with…

  • Stan Najmr

    Dragonair to Dragonite has always confused me.

    Badass dragon to derpy dragon.

    • idiot fucker

      It’s generally the consensus that there was a screw-up in Gen 1. Dragonair should become what’s called Gyarados, and Magikarp should become what’s called Dragonite.

      • saruichiban

        I thought magikarp to gyarados was based on a chinese legend about a carp jumping over a waterfall or something like that.

  • Anon.

    Nope. An animal turning into a machine? That’s shitty digimon logic not Pokemon logic.