Life vs. Life on Facebook [ COMIC ]

If you look beyond the selfies, the Bitstrips, and the various posts they “know” you won’t read or respond to, you’ll see the underlying truth about Facebook that everyone is just as unsatisfied with their lives as you are… Okay, maybe that’s an oversimplification, but a study conducted jointly by two German universities found rampant envy on Facebook that left users feeling lonely, frustrated or angry. Personally, I think the reality is that most people on Facebook are feeling pretty much the same. It just depends on how much they over hype their mundane lives that makes it seem otherwise.


  • JP

    Ever since I noticed the same pattern on Orkut about 5 years ago and I abandoned it I’ve been asked to create accounts on FB or other social networks countless times. I never did and I think I’m happier than if I had.

    On a related note: thanks for allowing comments from us facebookless people on your site, Steve.