Life Choices [ COMIC ]

Another one of those comics that has made its way onto the Internet, but the originator of is not clearly known. I saw it on a few sites translated into other languages, but I was unable to find the site of origin. All I can see is the word “hobo” in an icon in the lower left corner of the comic, but searches for “hobo comic” or “hobo webcomic” offered up no matching results.

If you know who created this comic, please let me know so that I can properly credit it.

Updated: Thanks, fluxxdog!

source: Meme Center


  • fluxxdog
  • Sensei Le Roof

    Anyone who would force such a choice should be ready for the consequences.

    • Falos

      Ultimatums are no magic wand. I don’t just mean they might choose option B; they might spot an Other.

      And using them irreverently just means you don’t hesitate to impose. Last, I don’t recommend aiming as broadly as “entertainment media”; it’s like ordering someone to, say, never have chocolate again. Possible, arguably beneficial, but such a demand needs equally heavy cause to back it.

  • “I….. seem to recall your breasts…. but…. yeah, that’s about it.”