Let Sleeping Princesses Lie [ COMIC ]

Oh, Link. You’re such a cheeky little lad.

source: deviantART


  • Jnite

    She then serves him some food an a potion and sends him on his way….

  • Dead.juice

    And this is why she never puts out after a world saving, she’s brings this up EVERY time.

    [NOTE: Even saving the world doesn’t mean she has to put out for you, she’s not an object you won. But a simple kiss wouldn’t hurt, Zelda]

    • Stan

      Excuuuuuuse me, Princess.

      • Nemo

        +1 internet for you!

  • X_Intolerable_X


    Link’s penis is in the back of his head.
    Zelda looks a little like Pauline from Donkey Kong.
    100 village whores > 1 virgin princess.
    (I would have loved it if each time you visited them, they took some gold from you.)

    I wonder how this comic would have gone if you needed your magic replenished instead?

  • J. G.

    I wonder how different this comic would have been if it featured the old woman that restores his magic instead.