Left on the Shelf [ COMIC ]

Have you heard about the game Left Behind: Eternal Forces? Its a Christian game based on the Left Behind book series. Also, there is a lot of controversy surrounding this game too, but not for the right reason. The real reason should be because this game sucks. Don’t believe me, then see for yourself. See what I mean. Its bad.

I found a really cool site yesterday. It has all the old Howard and Nester comics that appeared in Nintendo Power. Very nostalgic. Now if only I can find a site with all the Niles Nemo comics that appeared in Sega Visions.

Don’t forget to stop by for the final comic in The Miis series. I might start running some more comics on Fridays in the future, but I’ve got a few side projects that take priority before I can even consider that.

One more thing, I added a link to my ComicSpace above the copyright information if anyone is interested in checking it out.