Killer Quest [ COMIC ]

I wish I could say I never game like this, but sometimes I do.


  • Wazat

    Guild Wars 2 had an achievement for instigating various stages of unnecessary murder against helpless, neutral animals. You know, bunny rabbits, birds, flies, rats, etc. I had an engineer ability which electrocuted groups and left them twitching before keeling over. I was doing it just to be evil for its own wholesome sake, but once I realized there was an achievement for 100, 1000, etc, I knew I had a new mission in life.

  • callak _

    I did something like this! In Crystalis, I leveled up to 10 out of a maximum of 16 against the first creature you can fight…

  • skyrender

    Anyone who’s decided to tangle with the Grox in Spore knows this feeling. They’re just so easy to kill, yet their numbers are absurdly high. After a while, it’s just reflex to fly to the nearest Grox colony and terraform them into oblivion.

  • Sigurther

    Achievement Earned: Extinction – “You’ve ended a species, good show, old bean!” (gold text)