Kids Will Be Kids [ COMIC ]

I’m not going to talk about Magic: The Gathering, I already made a reference to it yesterday, instead I am going to discuss these bumper stickers that I see from time to time that have always bothered me.

The bumper stickers I am referencing read “I Love My Wife.” Aww… right? Um, no. You see, maybe I am just too logical to appreciate the sentimentality, but in my mind if you didn’t love your wife I would wonder why you were still married in the first place. Every time I see someone driving around with one of these on their car, I wonder what they did that was so wrong as to have to compensate for their misdoings by displaying this. Either that or I am half expecting to see the Elephant Man driving the car and he’s flaunting that sticker as a way of saying, “See! Someone is willing to marry me!” Who knows…

Okay, now to bring this rant back to video games. If this was anime, the bumper sticker could say “I Love My Waifu”, but since this is gaming related I guess the bumper stickers could say “I Love My Extra Life.” Yeah, I think Scott Johnson would appreciate that.