Just a Quick Little Session [ COMIC ]

I have definitely been guilty of planning to play a game for just a little bit only to play for a lot of hours instead. I actually have this problem when it comes to my freelancing and my personal side projects too. I will tell the wife that I will be in my office for 15 minutes to a half hour, only to wind up getting disciplined by one of my children three hours later for taking too long. When I start, my original intentions are completely pure, but time just winds up getting away from me when I’m coding or working on artwork.


  • BigLord

    When something like that happens, you KNOW that’s a good game. Or addicting. Or both.

  • Shit McPoster

    It gets to be a problem when you go beyond “how much sleep will I get if I just finish this level” to “how many more levels can I complete before I absolutely have to go to work”