Joy to the world and by world I mean me [ COMIC ]

Yup, I’ve got a pre-order for both the Nintendo Wii and the PS3 from GeStapo GameStop. Why? That’s a funny little story that I will place in the forums due to typing space limitations.

In Wii news, Sonic and the Secret Rings just became one of my must have titles for the Nintendo Wii. I read the Hands-on: Sonic and the Secret Rings article over at and I got uber-psyched about it. Read the article for yourself and you will see what I mean.

Lastly, I got such positive responses from value=dead_ and Masago for promoting their webcomics that I thought I’d do it for another one of my favorites. The Joshua Tree is one of the strips I regularly read. Its like a Real Life Comic without the gaming aspect. Also, check out its “About” section. Its a cool history of the comics origin.