Unfair Job [ COMIC ]

I am a contributor to this issue. I don’t want to worry about magic, I just want to beat the crap out of things. My feelings are easily explained in my desire for Square-Enix to create Final Fantasy DPS.

source: Wherewood


  • Falos

    BS, wizards are awesome. With a warrior, you know where you stand, you know your chances, but you go up against a guy in a robe? There could be anything under there.
    What guy?
    Over there. He’s just been /standing there/ this whole fight.
    “Another robe.”
    Dude, we’re fucked.

    • Falos

      As a gamer and not pop culture consumer, I’ll admit that warriors are my goto for a game I don’t particularly care about. Some mill flash title, some achievement on kongregate, no time to sow a late curve, give me a brawler, I ain’t even gonna finish the game.

    • 21Michael

      Someone has been reading the fanboys comic :)

  • Sky Render

    Why pick one when you can have both? Red Mage for the win! It helps that nearly every RPG made these days effectively makes ALL of your characters Red Mages, of course…

  • Callback

    Why would you ever want to swing some pointy metal stick around when you could fart lasers and make everything explode? If you really wanted something so primitive, mages can do that too, just throw a rock at them. And by rock, I mean a 20-ton meteor from the middle of outer space. Got an obsession with stabbing? Do it with a giant ice lance. Now they have a hole through their chest AND are frozen in place. Worried about having too little health? Grab some dark magic and just steal all of theirs. Warriors rip their shirts, while mages rip holes in the fabric of spacetime. The choice is obvious.

  • Derilk

    why do you want nice weapon and and shiny armor when you could wear it AND bend the laws of phisics at your whim

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    If Sword Art Online was real, and I had received a free copy on launch day, I would not have been in a coma for two years. You know why? Because I’d say “Wait, this game doesn’t have spellcasting? Welp, this is being shelved.”

    Wizards fo’ life, foo’