Jill Poptart [ COMIC ]

I would definitely play this game. Especially if the voice actor who played Barry in the original English translation of Resident Evil was a commentator.

source: Side Quests


  • Target still has demo kiosks?!
    Well, what I’m thinking of: remeber in the 90’s, they had like this computer console with with a sort of touchpad; it had game logos on them (separated by console), and the screen would play like a commercial? And if you left it alone, it’d go into demo mode, and show games that weren’t on the buttons: the ONE time I saw anything for Starfox 2 (when it was still in production), 20 seconds in and some little fucker up and presses the button for yet another fucking baseball game!

    That’s what I’m remembering, rather than “chained down and kinda gross and manhandled console with only 1 game to try” that remains today.

    • Neospector

      They do, although at the one near me it’s only 3DS, so I get Mario Tennis 3D as opposed to other games. Some Gamestops near me have Playstation demos…of baseball games.

      • PrinceJonathan

        The person who invented Sports Games needs to be dragged through the streets so gamers can throw crap at him, shot in the testicles, have a white hot iron rod shoved up his ass, hung by the neck till he’s nearly dead but still conscious, have his belly cut open and force him to eat his own intestines, then cut his head off and parade it around town on a pole!!!

        I’m sick and tired of seeing a stack of used games or a clearance bin with nothing but Madden…Madden, Madden, Madden…YOU GOD DAMN RIGHT I MAD BRO!

        • PrinceJonathan

          I want to apologize for that…I’d delete it if I could…I really do hate Sports Games though.

  • Triaxx2

    Around me it’s mostly Wal-mart that still has them.

    On the other hand, killing zombies is fun, but decapitating them with a snowboard is just plain awesome.