Is this Battletoads? [ COMIC ]

Yup, Battletoads sure was a hard game and that level of difficulty was the inspiration for this.

Personally, the Turbo Tunnel was never really the toughest part for me because you could see what was coming next. No for me it was the Snake Pit. A lot of that was just remembering, leaps of faith and precise timing.


  • Organous

    The only level I never actually beat was the second-to-last one, where you race a big swirl. The timing needed for that is just insane.

  • 06th

    Well, this is the farthest I’ve gotten in this game.

  • mike

    I dominated that level, but I had to blast “Animal” by Pearl Jam to do so. If I played now, I would probably die in 2 seconds.

  • Christian Taylor

    Now imagine a new battletoads game, developed by the guys who do the new Ninja Gaiden game :/

    • phearb0mb

      Christian – that is twisted. How can you suggest something so evil?

    • iamme

      That is sick and twisted. but now it must be done. We just need to share this with Team Nina and Tecmo Koei somehow.

    • PrinceJonathan

      ****! All it’d need is a special controller that punches you in the nuts every 2 seconds.

  • Halrawk

    I tried this level not that long ago, it’s easier than I remember. Which is strange, because other NES games are WAY harder than I remember. I don’t know how the heck I beat the Megaman games when I was young, but it isn’t happening now.

  • J

    Yeah, I loved Battletoads, but it would never work today. Far too much of the game relies on memorization, especially the Turbo Tunnel. The warnings helped a bit, but there were portions that either went by too fast, or, far more sinister, played on your expectations by changing the rules (e.g. the floating jump pad or the exclamation point “jump like crazy” portion).

    That’s not even getting started on the snakes, Volkmire’s Inferno, Rat Race, Clinger Wingers…oh, the painful, painful memories of a game I couldn’t stop playing.

  • The Anarchyz

    For me, Karnath’s Lair (Snake Pit) and Rat Race were the hardest… Still a really fun game though… I only beat it once, my thumbs still remember the bleeding…