Interesting Game [ COMIC ]

Overall, I am immune to the call of Steam. Unfortunately, as a retro video game collector I find myself not knowing whether I own a specific game or not, at times. Sure, I could use some sort of “technology” to keep track of what I already own, but where’s the fun in that? I’d much rather frivolous waste money and not learn a valuable lesson.


  • oldtaku

    But it does tell you – a little blue ‘in library’ tag on the game on store pages and a big green ‘in library’ tag on the game’s own store page. I hit it allll the time at panel 2 for the same reason.

  • Andrew MacLeod

    All I can say, you might be immune to Steam, but you cannot be immune to I mean, King’s Quest, Police Quest, Space Quest, and Leisure Suite Larry!

    • pierski

      Sorry, comment above. I was testing the new responsive website and used the wrong text box, after logging in.

  • pierski

    Would it shock you to learn that I’ve never even VISITED before?