Insulted or Grateful [ COMIC ]

I haven’t got a chance to try out the Nintendo 2DS. So I’m going to reserve my judgement until one is sitting in my hands. Then again, I still don’t own a Nintendo 3DS. Might get one when ‎Pokémon X and Y come out, but I still stand behind the real reason I intended on getting a 3DS in the first place and to why I have yet to get one since.

To be honest I don’t know. Really going to need to hear from the peanut gallery on this one. Not motivated enough to form an opinion about the Nintendo 2DS one way or another.


  • Asquian

    I see 2 possible uses for it. Firstly, its intended use, as a 3DS option for the 10 and under crowd(in fact I intend this for my 6 year old), the second is to wait and see if the information about it essentially being a tablet with a controller and a dual screen faceplate are true, if so, then see what the modding community comes up with for it. I see some real potential for the hardware here.

  • Anthony

    I’m in the exact same boat as you. I was willing to buy the system just so I could have MML3, but since that never materialized my desire for a 3DS disappeared also. X and Y might make me consider getting a 2DS so I can jump back in, I think I’ve taken a long enough break from Pokemon.

  • Armane

    I plan on picking up a 2DS eventually, that is if it ever comes to Japan. I don’t really like the ordinary 3DS, and importing a second XL seems like a bit of a waste. Although I guess if Nintendo releases a 3DS Lite or a 2DS XL, I’ll import one of those.

  • Fox

    I think Nintendo is in for the money milking again. As someone that worked in retail, I can understand the moms and dads that are all like “too expensive, let’s get the regular DS”. But come on – prices fell drastically since initial release.

    I also don’t understand the argument with the “3D use for <10 year olds". First and foremost, if the parents teach the kids how to use this thing properly, nothing happens. Second, the 3DS has a built in parental control which can deactivate the 3D mode completely(!!!). So this argumentation is a bit invalid.

    As I see it currently, it's Nintendo's next move to target the low budget audience, and actually drop the DSi XL in the process. Then release the 3DS enhanced with the second analog stick around christmas, give us another Wii-U without Wii capabilities… and then we're back to old Nintendo schemes.

    Or did anyone ever comment on the GBA SP dillema, or the GBA Micro? Collectors want to get that thing anyway. So it's a win-win situation for NIntendo anyway.

  • Sparanda

    The 2DS is a good idea executed poorly. The system can’t fold, preventing you from completing certain games like Phantom Hourglass that require that function. The system also has a *shorter* battery life than the regular 3DS, even though removing the 3D function should make the battery last longer. Supposedly the 2DS also uses only mono sound, meaning the audio quality is considerably worse.

    If those three things were remedied, I’d say the 2DS would be a worthwhile investment. As it stands, it’s a horrible excuse for a console. Get a regular or 3DSXL and just turn the parental controls for 3D on.

  • Niliamann

    There’s been a bunch of discussion on various videos and the like about it. I’m not sure about the functionality of “have to fold” games as it’s been far too long since I’ve played them. Folding typically just puts the system into sleep, and there is a sleep switch, so if it’s that it’s got a pretty easy workaround – but like I said, been so long I don’t know if the game’s simply looking for a sleep trigger or something else that’s been coded in.

    It’s pretty evident that the clamshell, while great for transportation and screen protection, is very easy for children to break. Doesn’t mean every kid will, but there’s quite been a good number of reports about them. I’d wager that if Nintendo really doesn’t want something to break, regardless of how it may look, it probably won’t break. They’ve had *very* durable systems and controllers, historically. It really doesn’t matter if ‘proper teaching methods’ will cause your systems to not break when handed to a kid. Good chance a child won’t break it. Handle children on a daily basis, though? More than one? See how long that statistic holds up. Probability happens, things break, and this is a *cheaper* device that is supposedly harder to break – screens much easier to replace than hinges with ribbon cables going through them. It’s win/win from a parents’ eyes.

    I’m not sold on the “It’s not as portable” comments I’m hearing. It’s not, really, compared to the normal 3DS, but take a step back – portable hasn’t meant “easily slips into a pocket” for ages. Didn’t stop the gameboy, the nomad, the gamegear, now it’s certainly not stopping adults from carrying around *much* more delicate tablets with them. Portability isn’t as strong as an argument as some make it out to be.

    The 2DS does only have one speaker, but I do want to clarify that it still has stereo hardware internally, as far as I know. I could be wrong here, but that’s the last I heard on it. Means that headphones will still be stereo sound. I’m not enough of a sound engineer to know how much having one speaker instead of two on a small system will really change the end user’s experience.

    I’ll also say that while you can disable 3D without a problem inside the normal system, reality dictates that a lot of parents aren’t going to bother reading the manual for their kids. I know it’s not a good reason, by any means, but because of that it’s probably a pretty marketable thing.

    I do wish the battery was a lot nicer, especially since they’ve got more space, but alas, no dice on that one.

    $40 isn’t a lot to many, but it’s a considerable amount to some. If people are having to weigh their options, it’s already a good thing for Nintendo. I know personally my brother and I are buying one for our niece this Christmas – her first little system. There’s still a lot out ther without a system, and with Pokemon coming around, yeah, it’s a good time for them to throw something like this out. I’m surprised it’s not a little cheaper, but….I mean, it’s Nintendo. They’ve been doing things like this for over a decade, so I can’t be too surprised~

    I don’t see any real downsides to them announcing this, except for some people talking about how they should be spending all their money on Wii-U development, but if this has a better ROI it won’t be hard at all to shift that profit towards more Wii-U stuff, anyway. There’s too much going on in a business that size to make sweeping statements like how they should be spending their money to best promote a certain aspect – way too many variables.

    Would I get one? Nope, it’s not intended for me. I’ve got one already, and can afford it without a problem. Would I consider it, with what I use the 3DS for, if I didn’t have one? Honestly, I would. My 3DS hardly ever leaves the house as it is unless I’m going on a trip, in which case it never leaves the hotel/friend’s house/etc.

    Is definitely something I’ll consider getting my friends to do multiplayer stuff with, though, such as Monster Hunter. Quite a bit of difference if you add up three or four systems. I see the 2DS as an extremely good gift option, given that.

  • Tustin2121

    I’m sorry, the 2DS?? Clearly I missed something. O_o

    Here’s my opinion on it: it sounds stupid, simply from the name.

    That’s all.