Inconceivable! [ COMIC ]

I like my Mac. I’ve been a Mac user for sixteen years now. But I can honestly say that the differences that made me choose one platform over the other have eroded considerably. Haven’t really delved into Windows 8 much, but I can honestly say that Windows 7 doesn’t really bother me. I know that it’s sacrilegious to say, as a Mac user, but there’s a pretty good chance that my next machine will be a PC. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go deal with the ghost of late Steve Jobs who is starting to haunt me.


  • Triaxx2

    My general impressions have been that 8 is the worst thing since Vista. I haven’t used it myself, and I’m really not looking forward to it. 7 on the other hand is the most stable, functional OS I’ve used in years.

    • noname

      It’s a pretty well accepted law of the digital world that every other version of windows is crap.

      • So, if I get a new PC either I should build it and use Windows 7 or downgrade an out-of-the-box… If I go that route.

        • Jnite

          I don’t use Windows 8, but I have worked with them a number of times. What I personally do with them is install a program called Classic Shell, aka Classic Start. Makes it so you skip the Metro on start up and gives you the start button back like in Windows 7.

          Personally I’m planning on just sticking with 7 personally for now (I do have an upgrade disk I bought when they were on sale for work related issues and if I ever plan to upgrade), but this is what I would use if I ever decide to upgrade.

        • SilentS

          The best route would be build your own comp and install Win 7 from scratch. It will beat anything you can buy prebuilt and it would be cheaper too, not to mention be customized to your preference. Avoid Win 8 is the best option at this time since it is most likely the beta version of Win 9 if you follow the current MS trend of every other OS is the unfinished version of the following.

          Win 95 -> Win 98, ME -> XP, Vista -> Win 7, Win 8 -> Win 9 (?)

        • David

          I use Windows 7 on my desktop with Windows 8 for my Surface Pro. I was reluctant to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP but looking back there’s nothing wrong with it that can’t be summed up with ‘in XP it worked like this, but in Win 7 it works like this’ and the majority of the time both the XP and Win 7 methods are equally effective.
          Starting next week I should be using my Surface Pro as my work computer (docked into a touch screen, keyboard and mouse). From my experiences so far I’m not anticipating any problems once it’s setup. Honestly I don’t quite understand where the hate comes from, although I think I might get a better feel for it’s problems once I start using it with a mouse. The variety in the app store sucks but I’m running Windows, I can just install programs. I’m still not sold on upgrading my desktop from 7 to 8 yet, but as OmegaZxA points out down there it’s perfect for mobile systems. Within twenty minutes I’d decided I’d get Windows 8 on my next phone (although this iPhone has been going for years and is almost in new condition, so I might be looking at Windows 9 when the time to get a new phone comes. =P).
          The new Metro page Start menu seems like the sort of thing you’d want to get rid of right away but resist the urge to hate it. Being able to have tiles that display actual information from the app rather than just icons with at most a number in the corner is actually pretty sweet. There’s still some growing to be done there (the lock screen has so much wasted potential) but I think the tile display is going to become standard on all mobile OS. The displays are good enough that there’s no reason limit the OS with decades old 32×32 icon with 12 characters of text underneath.

          I dunno, I guess I’ll find out over the next few weeks, but the more I use my Surface Pro the more it seems like people are just having a negative reaction to change. If Windows 9 can take what they’ve learned from Windows 8, use it to polish and expand the new concepts, I think it’ll be the first proper next gen OS we’ve seen in decades.

        • Mygaffer

          If you want a tablet interface on your desktop/laptop, get Windows 8. Otherwise stick to Windows 7, which is great.

  • OmegaZxA

    Being a Mac user for 5 years I dare say Windows 8, which I’m sing now, is perfect for notebooks/tablets/leisure devices which you control without a mouse, and that accept multi-finger input. I am loving my win8, specially here in Brazil, where apple maintenance service is a shitload of bullcrap.

  • Peema

    Funny thing is I was waiting for a comment about a certain tendency to get a statiic shock from the keyboard.
    That said, if you have to choose between the two platforms, the Mac does do a moderately decent impression of unix under the covers.