I’m So Excited [ COMIC ]

Cross-dressing Cloud in HD? My slash fic is ready!

Oh, yeah…they’re remaking the rest of Final Fantasy VII too.

Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE – Trailer E3 – Official Reveal Trailer – E3 2015

source: Antonus


  • Fox

    I think it’s safe to say the remake will be pretty humorless, since they’re going with the Advent Children aesthetic.

    So no high-fidelity Cloud in drag.

    • Mister Blip

      Who says that Square-Enix drops all the jokes with the remake?
      Crisis Core and Advent Children was also spiked with them. Not so much in Dirge of Cerberus – I have to agree on that.

      The cross-dressing is(!) part of the plot to rescue a fellow team mate. And LGBT is a huge topic as of late as well. All other FF games were just as kinky sometimes, so I don’t think that they will drop this, but maybe tone it down a notch.

      The game is still about “handling death”, “being alone” and facing your own demons. And we had what… 3-4 comical incidents in the game max? From the top of my head:

      1) the cross-dressing and the whole “Honey Bee Inn” thing (keep in mind, there are KEY scenes there, like Reunion meetups, the old couple, rescuing a party member)

      2) The Turks (all run ins are comical, just like in Advent Children, which even elevated that)

      3) The involuntary parade at the “Sister Ray”

      4) Cloud sniffing around in Nibelheim apartments

      5) Cloud and the “flower” (can result in an hilarious outcome)

      6) Yuffi Kisaragi (do I need to say more?!) and Cait Sith (forced comical stuff)

      Actually, all that was picked up in Advent Children as well. And if Cloud keeps his mood in the remake (if there will REALLY be a remake, not just another teaser), then I think it tones down to “whatever” and the Honey Bee In scene prior to the rescue will be a “conforming” talk to others, at some sort of Onsen.

      I’m looking more forward to these passages:
      a) the Motorcycle Chase
      b) how do they portrait certain monsters (like the giant Snake right after Kalm, the Weapons, the Jenova Seeds) and the Summons (especially the Bahamuts!)
      c) how will they portrait the Nibelheim Incident?
      d) how will they portrait the “Space Rocket” incident? (which was a great story element!)
      e) how will the “Black Materia” and “Ancient City” incident be presented?
      f) Will some of the plot holes be filled, and the ending be a bit more fleshed out?

      And most important:
      Will we see a retcon like with Crisis Core (which is not only giving a viewpoint from “Shinra”, but also doing some very f*cked up sh*t to the story compared to what happened in FF7 main), and will we ever(!) see a HD remake of Before Crisis?

      These are my main concerns, not if people can “romance” Barrett (which was no romance option, it was a “relationship choice”, and the talk was non-romance related, but buddy talk) or if we see Cloud in drag and whether or not the game will loose out on the funny elements.

      Again, Advent Children had a sh*tload of funny elements, so did some scenes in Crisis Core. Why should it be dropped for FF7:Remake (which I’d like to call “FF7:Chapter Reunion” from now on).

      • Fox

        I think you need to replay FF7. It was a pretty lighthearted game. The tone for the various spin-offs (Advent Children, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, etc., etc.) is much more dismal.

        We have no idea what the remake will be like, true, but given the teaser and given SE’s track record, it’s pretty damn safe to say that it will NOT be terribly faithful to the original.

        • Mister Blip

          Well, I’ve played FF7 quite a lot actually, and the most comical parts ARE Barrets attitude, the Turks and the Cross-dressing scene (which is a key element in the game). And they did keep that in CC (Zack is a goofball early in the game), DoC (Reeve and his feline friend) and AC (Yuffie, Cid, Barrets overly happy attitude and clumsiness, the Turks!).

          To be honest, the cross-dressing scene IS possible
          Cloud used a long dress and a ponytailed wig on top of makeup and all that jazz. Not full on drag queen, mind you, but good enough to fool Don Corneo.

          Actually, Crossdressing is not too uncommon in Final Fantasy games. LGBT characters either (the one you get the wig from in FF7 is a gay character!). And to my experience, all these elements were kept in remakes.

          So even if the tone of the videos are darker, and the style more in line of Crisis Core and especially Advent Children (I actually currently play Dirge of Cerberus, and I am surprised how much this has from AC – you actually visit Edge, the main town of AC, and do a sniper battle there)… I really don’t think that they venture too far off of the source material.

          Overhaul the translation, yes. Maybe change some plot points after all these years, yes. But overall, I think it will remain as close as possible. Considering that FF7 (“The Meteorfall Incident”) was in comic graphics, and CC, AC and DoC was in a more realistic tone.

          Again, I can hardly wait to see the overhaul of certain enemies, and how f*cked up scary they will look this time around.

  • R

    Here’s to FFXV battle controls!

  • Bonzai

    How long will the knights of the round summon take on this one?

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Man, now I have to buy an actual game console…

  • Tatsurou

    Why do I have the feeling one of the biggest complaints is going to end up being that Tifa’s boobs are proportionately smaller as compared to the original, leading to some very f-ed up mods?