I’m a Gamer!!! [ COMIC ]

I know some people may look at this comic as sexist, but let’s be honest. He would have had the exact same reaction regardless of the person’s gender.

source: Twitter


  • Annales

    She probably said that thinking it would please the guy.

    • LOL Really?

      “It’s a sports title. Guys like sports, and I get to hide my Animal Crossing enjoyment for another few days.”

  • Lazy Commander

    Nah not sexist. Just elistist…

  • lonestarr777

    This really isn’t that funny. Just as Lazy Commander pointed out the author being a d-bag because she doesn’t like ‘real games’ despite the fact Fifa could be a gateway to say Bloodbowl or something else, or maybe she just likes soccer and he’s a judgemental prick.

  • Kaci Phillips

    I agree with the caption there- it may seem sexist, but he’d have that opinion no matter what. And sadly… I may too. Though a lot of that is because I tend to look a little harshly at sports- what they demand from the players, what they demand from the cities that have their stadiums- and find that it’s not a very positive thing at all. I’d hear FIFA and think of the past corruptions and scandals and maybe suggest that they try rocket league.