If Webcomics Had DLC [ COMIC ]

Just in case you want to see the entire three four panel comic that was used in today’s Dueling Analogs, it’s available here.

Honestly not sure that a downloadable content (DLC) model would even work for webcomics. Maybe if Alan Moore had released The Watchmen as a webcomic and the first eleven issues were free and the twelve you had to pay for…Maybe that would have worked. But then again, someone probably would have just downloaded the issue and then uploaded a torrent for it on the net. So that probably wouldn’t have worked either. I say just create a comic that people like, want to come back to read and are willing to share with others and you’ll do just fine. That of course means that people even knows that your webcomic exists in the first place, but that’s a completely different story.

Update: Some of you have brought to my attention that this comic is very similar to a Penny Arcade that came out on Monday. I’m going to be honest here – Pure Coincidence. First off, do to a busy schedule the only webcomics I regularly keep up with are Omake Theater, Questionable Content and Yellow Peril. I haven’t even been to Penny Arcade in a few weeks, actually. But more from a logical point of view, if I was actually going to rip off another webcomic, which I won’t, do you think I would be dumb enough to rip off the biggest webcomic on the internet? One would think that someone would find out. I’m just saying…

So…DLC, what’s my opinion on that? I like some DLC. I think other DLC is unnecessary. Some of it I’m not so sure about or just think are flat out a scam.

The good DLC, in my opinion, is usually the games (ie. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, Mega Man 9, Shadow Complex). These are the titles that are being released exclusively, or sometimes concurrently, for the digital media. You can receive gaming enjoyment that is usually much cheaper than a full-length studio project, but without the hassle of going to the store to buy it. Now I know there are also a lot of expansion packs that add to the gaming experience and could be considered good, but a lot of these can fall into my “not so sure about” category.

Unnecessary…HATS!! But we still love them. :roll:

So why am I not so sure about a lot of expansion packs? Let’s take Beautiful Katamari, for example. I’m a huge fan of the Katamari Damacy fan, but they DLC of Beautiful Katamari wasn’t really DLC, but content that the developer had already created and that was actually on the physical disc you purchased. Stuff that you already owned they wanted you to pay for it again to unlock. I call that a scam. Pretty much when the content you download is needed to make the game complete, or good even, and just should have been originally part of the game initially that’s when I have a problem with it.

Otherwise, I’m pretty darn pleased with DLC in general. One day we’ll be explaining to our grand kids that when we were their age we actually had to touch the physical media the game came on and they’ll response, “OMGSTFUIDBULOL”. Because by then everything will be digital and the spoken language will have degraded into a string of textese.


  • Kaye

    Still sucks that many games for the Wii don’t have DLCs in the true sense of the word, I’m missing out on it… In fact, the main reason I want a PS3 is for fighters like Mortal Kombat and Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

    And their DLCs.

  • Galaxy613

    I was disappointed when the buttons were fake. :[ TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  • I’m all for DLC within reason.

    Here’s my plight; our gaming community got into CoD: Black Ops, and we enjoyed playing it. First DLC came out, let’s have some of that, we went ahead and bought it, and we’re only mostly happy with the expansion. Then the second came out, and the community was split, especially since this then caused a big uproar as far as whether we update our server to include the new maps and it kicks people off who don’t have them, or we keep everyone happy but those who want to play the new maps have to find another server if they wish to do so. Then the third one was announced, and for the most part we’ve dropped the game. People argue for DLC with lines such as “dude, with your job, work an hour overtime, and it’s paid for, stop being a weiner”, but when we look at the sum of total money spent on a single game, I ask myself: “Would I have REALLY paid $105 for one game if it came with all the maps from the start?”

    I’m half willing to bet that the maps were already designed and prepped around when the game launched, and they’re trickle fed to the fans purposely to suck at our pockets ’til all they can get is lint.

    Then we look at the other model, Valve’s, wherein there aren’t HUGE updates to the game, but they are still free and fun. L4D2 Mutations, new campaigns, porting L4D1 campaigns to the second game… OK, sometimes one can end up thinking that there’s a long wait for some of these to come out, and whether it’s worth it at the end or not is debatable, but it’s added value, for free, and no one gets hurt. Borderlands had 4 DLCs, and though they were pay to play, they brought quite a lot of content with them, and they weren’t overly priced. Add to that GotY edition and such discounts, and I can at least say I get my money’s worth out of them.

    And since I’m on a roll and blatantly abusing the comment section on your comic, I’ll bring up the piss-take that is Battlefield 3, announcing a well defined DLC way before the game has even bleeding launched! Facepalm-ragequit!

    I’ll get me coat…

    • BTW, going to pea-roast the comic on our gaming community forum (don’t worry, with appropriate credit) because it’s superb, sums up DLC very nicely (HATS!) and will probably annoy some people with the debate that ensues. ;)

      • Well, that’s what the internet is for after all – porn annoying people in online debates.

    • DD

      Ehm…I don’t want to interfere with you rage, you said lots of true things…but you know, right, that the “infamous DLC” announced for Battlefield 3 will be free if you preorder the game?

      • That is indeed true, and a fair point to add. However, it sounds like it won’t be free if you buy the game after release. I’m all for perks for those who wish to pre-order the game (for example the earlier unlocks they gave away with BFBC2), but the description of the DLC, at least the one I’ve read, falls into fundamentally breaking across-the-board consistency. For example, if I want to wait until release so I get to see whether the game is worth the $60(?) they’re asking for it, either from seeing user gameplay videos or trying it on a friend’s PC, I’ll eventually have to buy the DLC to keep up with servers that put those maps in rotation for those that get it for free. For me that puts too much weight on the pre-order pressure. If the game is as good as they’re claiming, it’s unnecessary.

        Perhaps I’m wrong in my thinking on this one, I’m willing to be talked around.

  • Holy balls, dude, this is the next step in Marvel and DC’s webcomic publishing scheme! You know they’d be the first to come up with DLC comics! Horrifying.

  • Along the same lines as the Katamari DLC, I was pissed when I learned I couldn’t play Mortal Kombat online because multiplayer needed a “season pass.” I hate the new trend of making you suffer if you didn’t buy the game new. It’s fine when you get something like extra clothing (hat!) or one of the DLC for free, but actually leaving out major gameplay function is complete bullshit.

    • BigLord

      If you paid full price for a used game, then yeah it’s a scam. But if you paid half price it ain’t so bad. Still makes more sense than what Steve called a scam (DLCs that are already on the disc and you’re just paying to access them).

    • Jaybonaut

      Uh, you are quite mistaken. The Season Pass is only on 360, and is a way to pay for all of the new characters they are adding to the game ahead of release that aren’t on the disc. Are you talking about the Kombat pass? The Kombat pass is just a code required to prove ownership so that NRS gets a piece of the used game market – it only applies if you are buying it used. New copies of the game have one included.

      Honest – look it up.

  • Dahrk

    Mass Effect 2 is $5 on direct2drive. Character, mission, and plot related DLC still costs an extra $40. I continue to wait.

  • Otis

    A Fez! Fezzes are so cool!

    • MarkSWH

      And a Stetson, Stetsons are cool too. I see no bowtie love though :S

  • i don’t think everything will go digital. despite what companies want to belive, serveys say people still prefer physical over digital

  • Triaxx

    You totally forgot the individual color updates for the additional panels. And the captioning update to add text to the speech balloons, also one for each panel.

  • Hats, Steve? I forgive you, a thousand times over forgive you, because it still isn’t CRATES.

    (Btw, you’re taking on Webcomic DLCs about the same time PA is taking on Free to Play with optional unlockables.)

  • Vake Xeacons

    Um…yeah…DLC is for EXTRAS! Not for content that should be standard. Now I love buying extras as DLC, but when they make me buy stuff that should have been there in the first place, dude! Just let me buy it in the first place! Episodes are okay, especially if I have the option of waiting until the series is fully released and buying the whole thing later.

    Like that Watchmen thing you mentioned. Since people had to buy the Watchmen comics anyway, it wouldn’t have hurt to make the first one free just to entice them. I still (since this is, of course 2011) ended up buying full novel anyway.

  • Moose

    The DLC also seems to always stay at the original price when through a publisher/in-game store. That’s why I refuse to buy Fallout New Vegas till there is a GoTY edition, then wait for a sale on steam ;) At least when I picked up Borderlands on Steam with the first 3 DLC, they were all discounted like 66% off then picked up DLC 4 for 50% off.

  • DrunkTaterSalad

    I’m not saying you are copying, but it’s a little too much like a Penny-Arcade one from last week.


    • I’ll be completely honest with you, besides Yellow Peril, Questionable Content, Omake Theater and Dueling Analogs I haven’t regularly read or pretty much even kept up with any other webcomic in a while. Pure coincidence.

      • Jaybonaut

        Odd, I posted a link to the comic in question on PA and my post got deleted?

        • Posts with URLs require approval before going live. There was four of them with the link to the Penny Arcade comic in it. So I just took the most recent one of the lot.

    • Trogdoor

      That’s like saying Section 8 is a little too much like Halo

    • Anonymous Bastard

      The content is so blatantly ripped off from Penny Arcade that hurts. He’s been doing a lot of “I didn’t knew this or that webcomic had done something like that” a lot recently, but in more discrete, believable cases. This one takes the prize for not even trying to disguise it. Sorry, I just feel like trolling, don’t feed me.

      • Frankie D.

        Rubbish! They just both talk about a current issue in the games market. As usual though , PA turns to cocks….

    • Great minds think alike. I once churned out a new mechanic for MtG complete with a full set of fanfic cards. Later that year, Kicker was introduced to the official game using the exact same concept.

  • Morzikei

    Only thing worse than DLC to me – DLC that eventually becomes free… That’s why I’m glad I bought BF2+SF but without the two booster packs – they’re free now.

    I wonder if people who bought TF2 the last day before it got free got refunds?

    • BigLord

      Everyone that has paid for TF2 has extra stuff in the game, plus a premium account. It’s not that bad if you ask me.

      Makes me want to get a premium account too :/

  • Sir VG

    I’m surprised that when it comes to DLC, most people seem to be for it. Me? I HATE having to play for additional content to a game. On a free to play MMORPG to pay for little extras, ok. I know they need to make money somehow to pay for servers and bandwidth and such. But general DLC usage is awful. Give me a complete game, not some 90% unlocked game and make me pay AGAIN for being able to unlock the last 10%. It’s a stupid model.

    /Thank goodness pirates/hacking exist.