If Life was an M.M.O. [ COMIC ]

But as we already learned, naming your character is the hardest part. Especially in an MMORPG environment where names cannot be repeated.


  • David

    It’s crazy how frustrated I get about this. It’s 2012. We have the technology. Yet for some reason the concept of two players named Mike is so ridiculous developers won’t even consider it.

    • True. Attach the login to something unique like an email address and then associate the names with that login.

      • This concept has been done, in a way, with Second Life. You have to have a unique login name, but after that you can name yourself whatever you please. In settings you can turn on the ability to see both names, but by default you only see the name that may be a repeat. This being due to the fact that others could obviously imitate another.

    • spike

      WoW does this now with battle-tags, your login is still your e-mail, shared across D3 (and presumably/eventually all blizzard titles) its form is name#nnnn where nnnn is a unique 4 digit code, the #nnnn is displayed in grey.

      Guild Wars 2 also does something similar, login with email, your account is known to others as name#nnnn exactly the same format as WoW grey numbers and everything. Your characters names are still unique to the world however.

  • Nobody

    Another game that has allowed repeated names was Project Entropia which is now called Entropia Universe. You made a First name, Last name, and Nickname so as long as all 3 were not the same parts could be shared. You could choose which name or combination of names you could display.

    This unfortunately lead to a lot of scamers impersonating well known players and you could only identify them by buying a scanner device to look at all 3 names and their skill levels.

    • David

      “This unfortunately lead to a lot of scamers impersonating well known players”

      I’ve got to wonder how much of this comes down to the fact that unique names are the norm in the genre. Nobody here is going to believe that I’m David Cross. My name is David but you know that anyone could use the name David in this comment section so if I make the claim I have to prove it. Yet in a MMO DavlD can impersonate David easily. All because the genre has always taught us to trust name tags entirely.

      • Dav1d

        LIAR! I’m David Cross, you impostor!

  • Jarrett

    If life was really like an MMO, Mike would have died and stop playing years ago and you still can’t use his name because it’s still available for him should he ever decided to log on again, even though we all know he never will.

  • Blurgas

    GfWL is horrendously guilty of this. Yes they do give you the option to change your gamertag, but you still can’t change it to one in use and if you use up your 1 free nick change, you gotta pay