Identification Crisis on Infinite Earth [ COMIC ]

Wait a second! Is this an Xbox One or Omegle? Or maybe it’s both?!

Since I don’t own an Xbox One yet, I’m going to have to default to you, the readers, as to the accuracy of this comic. I know that my youngest daughter, who just turned 5, has the hardest time getting the Kinect on our Xbox 360 to locate her when she tries to play Just Dance 4. Everyone else can easily be detected in the living room, but she only has a small area that’s about a square foot for the game system to actually pick her up. Needless to say, it frustrates her to no end. Maybe when she gets a little taller, it won’t be so bad.

source: Down Plus A


  • CriminalMatrix

    Kinect is meant for a large area for people to freely move around. It actually has a pretty wide effective area as long as you have the space for it. Sadly not many people actually have that space. They do sell magnifier attachments for the Kinect so you can play in a smaller area, this should also make it so the child is also in camera range, she is likely just too close to the Kinect to be picked up. The other possibility is to move the Kinect sensor below the TV and calibrate it through the x-box console.

  • bidoopoo

    Boy..that’ll make game night at his place a bit awkward.

    Hey Justin, it’s your turn to play…OH. MY. GOD. Why the hell are you naked from the waist down?!! It’s not THAT kind of party!