I Wish I Lived in a Video Game… [ COMIC ]

I actually can’t think of a video game world I would want to live in, but I can definitely think of one I wouldn’t: Animal Crossing. Seriously, if I wanted to be surrounded by people complaining about how everything I do is wrong I’d become a polygamist.


  • Triaxx2

    Worlds not to live in: Fallout. Because seriously, if it’s not the Enclave popping up and trying to kill everyone, it’s the Ninja Deathclaws ripping your head off from behind all the time.

    I think I’d live in the Pokemon world. Laughable bad guys, cool monsters, surfing on Pikachu’s…

    • Sensei Le Roof

      Some random group hating you for no apparent reason…

      • Triaxx

        That’s a problem in Pokemon. In Fallout it’s just a target rich environment. :D

    • H3xx

      Everybody and their goddamn brother running up to you wanting to fight, for no other reason than you crossed their line of sight.

  • thewood

    I would totally live in Fallout or Elder Scrolls worlds. So much to explore and plunder! Left 4 Dead would be fun too, so many zombies to kill with your 3 best friends! The Witcher would be awesome as well, sooooo many slutty women!

    World I would NOT want to live in would be Miasmata. You are alone, on an island with absolutely no people, and there is an invincible predatory creature hunting you at all times. Oh yeah, you have the plague too.

  • StrongBad


  • Booka

    That depends, are we immortal? If we die do we just stand right back up? If so then I’d choose an MMO (ill use what I play as an example, ff xi cause I love that game)

  • Xuncu

    VG Worlds to Not Live In, and Why:
    Indigo Prophecy: The world freezes over (somehow) because of a cult, meteorite soup, and some ‘Walking A.I. Cloud” bullshit.
    Silent Hill: The deeper your psychological issues, the more thuroughly fucked you are.
    Katamari Damacy: You never knwo when everything you know and love, including yourself, gets shanghaied to be burned as fuel for a replacement star.
    Any Batman game: You are problably not Batman.
    The main Megaman Timeline (Classic, X, Z, ZX, Legends): The world almsot dies, and it’s pretty much Dr. Light’s fault, really.
    Resident Evil series: World dies because corporations are run by retards. Fuck that shit.

    • Phaelin

      The Classic timeline wouldn’t be so bad. I mean, most humans live ridiculously cushy lifestyles, and the robots (seemingly) never harm you when they are trying to take over the world. The X and Zero series are absolutely shit for humans, though. I mean, a goddamn colony gets dropped on the planet at one point. ZX is more mostly easy living, though who know if those guys are even 100% human anymore? I appreciate you including Legends in the timeline, not many people realize that still. And of course, there are no more humans by the time you get to Legends, just “Carbons”.

      EXE would be pretty badass, and I guess Star Force as well, but who cares about radio waves?

      Anyway, yeah, I’d definitely like living in the Classic series.

  • Sensei Le Roof

    You could always slip into the world of the Skate series. It would be practically the same.