I spy with my little eye… [ COMIC ]

I’ve been wanted to update the Dueling Analogs art style to something like this for long time. It’s going to take a little tweaking to get this to look exactly how I want, but this is really, really close. The problem last time was that I did the artwork 100% in Adobe Illustrator. And that made it a little too rigid. This time I started with the sketches in Adobe Photoshop, then did the flats in Illustator, back to Photoshop for shading and then back into Illustrator for outlines and text. Seems like a lot of jumping around, because it was. But it worked.

Can’t really say much about Team Fortress 2. I’ve always wanted to get into it, but I missed the initial launch that put everyone else at a whole nother skill level than me. But I did play Portal on the Orange Box… that was really fun. Maybe one day…

Not really that much else going on. Trying to get everything situated before I head off to ConnectiCon on Thursday. And want to make sure that everything runs smoothly on Thursday and Monday while I will be unable to update the site. Also for everyone that is going to ConnectiCon, make sure to stop by the dealer’s room and say, “Hi.”