I spy with my little eye… [ COMIC ]

I’ve been wanted to update the Dueling Analogs art style to something like this for long time. It’s going to take a little tweaking to get this to look exactly how I want, but this is really, really close. The problem last time was that I did the artwork 100% in Adobe Illustrator. And that made it a little too rigid. This time I started with the sketches in Adobe Photoshop, then did the flats in Illustator, back to Photoshop for shading and then back into Illustrator for outlines and text. Seems like a lot of jumping around, because it was. But it worked.

Can’t really say much about Team Fortress 2. I’ve always wanted to get into it, but I missed the initial launch that put everyone else at a whole nother skill level than me. But I did play Portal on the Orange Box… that was really fun. Maybe one day…

Not really that much else going on. Trying to get everything situated before I head off to ConnectiCon on Thursday. And want to make sure that everything runs smoothly on Thursday and Monday while I will be unable to update the site. Also for everyone that is going to ConnectiCon, make sure to stop by the dealer’s room and say, “Hi.”


  • gelugon2105

    Please don’t be intimidated by Team Fortress 2 veterans. Most of them are patient fellows – as long as you don’t do anything silly like charge headlong into some enemy Heavy Weapons Guys and Demomen. The hard part I would say is reading up on the many tutorials and guides before playing the game first – I suggest tf2.wiki.net.

    The more painful obstacle is the lack of updates for the Xbox version. Valve and Microsoft would seem to have some issues with post-purchase support, perhaps, considering that the PC version already has lots of patches and improvements. So I would say that if you are a console-only guy, Mr. Napierski, well, enjoying Team Fortress 2 without some griefers exploiting nasty bugs will be very, very difficult.

  • gelugon2105

    In case you don’t know, Mr. Napierski, that Roosterteeth has done one “Spy sappin’ my wife/girlfriend” strip before – only theirs was more… crude. And involved a whole lot more Spies.

  • Autumn

    I’d definitely recommend playing TF2 – there are tons of servers where newbs are totally given room to learn, and it’s definitely a game where you can get good fast.

    Regardless of whether you’re great or not, anyway, it’s just a REALLY FUN game.

  • Doctragon

    The game itself isn’t that skill based. There are good and bad players yes but at least you can fake since it has no levels or anything to actually prove your skills. Although because this is an internet based game you do get some “LOL YOU SUCK” players but as I have found it’s not that often. In my opinion it is worth it though. Hopefully you enjoy TF2 if you do decide to play it.

  • @gelugon2105 To be honest, I haven’t really read Roosterteeth. I’ve seen a couple strips here and there, but most of those where when they were linked from Joystiq.com.

  • Gune

    Yeah, It’s pretty easy to get into. gelugon2105 is right, the wiki is great. Even the Meet the Team videos will help you get a feel for the game, while also making you laugh so much you’ll need a Medic.

  • ktccd

    You have to play it!
    You just have to, it’s the most awesome thing ever. No matter how skilled others are, it’s so worth it ^^.

  • gelugon2105

    No, Gune, The “Meet The …” are terrible primers for new players. While they give the classes more character and background, they are also actually spoofs and parodies of bad design decisions that Valve has to rescind after release of the game back in 2007 – case in point being the Demoman’s grenades that once had the ability to explode on contact with models of enemy players even after having bounced around many times.

    To Steve: Well, it’s alright not to have Roosterteeth as a regular. One can only do so much surfing during free times.

  • gelugon2105

    Oh come on, people, let Mr. Napierski decide on his own. There is already enough publicity for Team Fortress 2, e.g. there are more YouTube videos for Team Fortress 2 than for other Valve products and there are more videos for TF2 compared to the number for many other popular online games; and on the official side, GameSpot had declared that it is a game of high value, even after a year since its release. GameSpot is one harsh customer when it comes to digital games, so that vouching is one heck of a supportive statement.

  • gelugon2105

    However, Mr. Napierski, be warned that, like for just about every other popular game with an online component (or is exclusively online), Team Fortress 2 has its fair share of dastardly people. As I have mentioned before, the Xbox 360 version is still largely unpatched and while there are measures in place (e.g. vote-kicks) to handle them, they won’t prevent them from pulling off griefing acts in the first place. The PS3 version is even worse – it has not been patched at all, likely due to issues between Sony and Valve over distribution of code over the PSN.

    The PC version actually has the worst scoundrels. Exploits can be discovered very quickly due to some enterprising souls who look over the whole game code after every patch to detect loopholes, and then exploit these and make shameless YouTube videos that greatly embarrass Valve. All those poor fellows at the Team Fortress operational unit at Valve had been hollered at silly. Those who work less hard than these use graphical game hacks to see wireframes through walls, telecomms hardware tweaks, etc. even if these cause severe eye strains and damage to software and hardware. Those who are lazier find places within maps that they can perch, caused by odd texture map surfaces and solid object generation.

    Not to say these scumbags are any good at playing the game though. They tend to suck terribly, for they hardly make wise decisions.

  • The Anarchyz

    For me, Valve’s jewels are Half-Life, Portal and Left4Dead, anything else (until a new IP comes along and i test it) i don’t bother playing, especially Team Fortress, i really hate the series, for me is a really crappy hack of Quake…

    And when it comes to Valve’s products, PC version is always gonna be better…