I See a Red Tunic and I Want it Colored Black [ COMIC ]

How much would it blow your mind if Link’s tunics were not green, red, and blue? How about some non-RGB colors once in a while? I want a new game in The Legend of Zelda franchise where the tunics are purple, orange, and yellow. Sort of like what Aaron Diaz did for Zelda in his Clockwork Empire proposal. Except it would be Link wearing it. Just a suggestion…

source: Some Thomas


  • NioZero

    In Four Swords there is a Purple Link…

    • We don’t talk about that Link… No, but seriously that wasn’t really the titular character, but Link split into four different versions. Though, I do see your point.

  • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

    Green isn’t a primary color. Yellow is.

    • You’re right. I had RGB on the brain when I typed it.

    • Clark Cox

      It is under the additive color system (i.e. light, not pigments); the primaries there are red, green, blue.

  • suplexjoe

    sorta like 40k orks….. the red ones go fasta!

  • Rorinthas

    Video game logic at its finest.