I Choose You, Nietzschémon! [ COMIC ]

The world has never known a more romantic poet than Friedrich Nietzsche and never will… Well, maybe besides Edgar Allen Poe.

So, whenever I think of Nietzsche, I think of this episode of Rocko’s Modern Life entitled Eyes Capades. At the end of the episode, Really Really Big Man is hit on by a college girl, simply because he’s wearing glasses, and they go off to “discuss” Nietzsche. See this Heffer responds, “I think need glasses.” “I didn’t know you had poor vision, Heff”, replies Rocko. To which Heffer retorts, “I don’t. I just don’t know who Nietzsche is.”


  • yue

    … If the name ends with “mon”, it’s not a pokemon, but a digimon.
    Yet another failed attempt at making fun of pokemon by someone who don’t know the first thing about it.

    • Wes

      You are the worst, Yue. This comic is in a league of it’s own, while your comment on it diminishes nothing, and no one other than yourself.

  • FireballDragon

    Saw this coming a mile away.

  • Jhea

    One major flaw there :) – nietzschemon can only say nietzschemon ;D – but funny nonetheless :)