…I can fix it. [ COMIC ]

Silly Felix, that’s what portal guns are for.

source: Astro Police


  • Koopz

    Ye can’t fix what isn’t broken…

    • Voidkun

      or youre sense of humor, it never existed apparently

  • Anonymous

    Oh, come on. They are just animated versions of Jack Brayer (or whatever his name is) and Jane Lynch. NEITHER one is sexually attracted to the other :)

  • thewood

    Portal gun would do it much cleaner, but depending on how annoying she’s been lately, a few swings with the hammer might be more satisfying…

  • BigLord

    Let me guess, the moment the hammer strikes, the baby grows to become a 9-month-ready-to-pop fetus? :lol:

    • sigurther

      Full grown adult man.

    • Sensei Le Roof

      Depends how the hammer defines “fix” in this context.

      • Dash12345678

        HAHAH, magical tools with an inexplicit use.