I, Battlestation [ COMIC ]

I’m now nervous about the prospect of building my own PC if this is the slippery slope of enragement I get to look forward to.


  • 2910

    been there, done that.

    grr blpfff shhh gugu gaga?

  • Hahaha, go to DreamHack, find these people. I just build a machine I think is awesome, then stick with it for four years, then build another. Seems like a good interval before it gets too annoying and it’s not too often :P Just avoid benchmarks if you want to save yourself :3 oh, and get an SSD.

  • Triaxx2

    What a moron. If you don’t have a brain you can’t enjoy it. And other people have brains they’re CLEARLY not using.:D

  • Chaos

    Saint Gabe is the best part of this.

  • Mygaffer

    I have a fairly high end rig and I love to upgrade and buy the best components. Its really fun, for me at least, to build something that looks really nice, runs really quiet, and is fast. Of course while I do game a lot on PC I also use my PC for a lot of other stuff.
    This comic is kind of a negative look at that sort of thing but building your own PC can be really fun.

  • yue

    Bought my PC like 3 years ago, still feel no need to upgrade any parts of it. (Though I did get a faster Intel SSD than the first gen Kingston SSDnow crap I had at the beginning)
    I can still play almost every games on max setting, or close to it, especially if I don’t use AA(I personally see no difference in quality with or without).
    i7 875k 3.4Ghz (Was able to get it to past 4Ghz stable, but my cooling wasn’t good enough to handle it)
    HD5870 1GB stock.
    8GB of DDR3 1333Mhz
    (could list the rest of the specs, but those are the ones most people care about)
    Maybe I will get a better graphic card when the 10000 series(or whatever they call them) of AMD card are released…

  • Jake

    Graphics? Who cares about graphics? If the story is good I’ll play it on an old Compac for all I care. The only time performance matters is when you are playing online, and that’s your internet connection speed not your processing power.

  • Hozz101

    I enjoy that there’s finally a comic going after PC. You always see stuff about consoles, but rarely ever about computer gaming. I like all the systems, but seeing the constant bias is lame.