I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Following Me [ COMIC ]

That’s the thing about the internet…Something like this I’ve seen countless times over the years, but for a lot of you it’s brand new and that’s why I’m sharing it.


  • Diego Arthur

    And I thank thee for sharing, as I am one of the “you” that have never seen this before.

  • drsonic1

    Who dafuq is “Yellow Ghost”?

    • Adjudicator

      I agree, not only the color is weird, but it would have worked much better with just the names.
      And if that guy in the facebook comments is really the creator, then this quote “Yes, I could have been accurate, but where would the fun be in that?” is kind of sad. I guess in the future people will be saying “purple mask turtle” instead of just Donatello.

      • Allen

        I was going to say, “Or ‘yellow mask turtle’ instead of Michaelangelo (who should be ‘orange mask turtle’, if anything),” when I realized for the first time that if you include “purple ghost” Sue instead of Pinky, the ghosts are the same colors as the Ninja Turtles’ masks. What a weird coincidence.

  • Jeff

    Yeah, just putting generic “this color ghost” just comes across as a bit lazy. Still amusing.

  • Nemo

    Funny… better with the real names… but funny nonetheless.