Hype [ COMIC ]

Have no expectations and you’ll never be disappointed.

source: Jekyll Draws


  • Metal C0Mmander

    What about average? Do we not do average anymore?

    • pierski

      By being a AAA title means that average is not an option. Indie games can be average, AAA cannot. Not with the budgets they are sporting.

      • Metal C0Mmander

        From the developer’s side of course they can’t. I’m mostly speaking of the consumer/critic side of things. That’s the one that mostly matters to me.

        • pierski

          From the consumers’ point-of-view, our expectations for AAA titles are higher. So average is seen as underperforming.

          Having no expectations… Honestly, I don’t think that is possible.

        • Kintrex

          Having no expectations and expecting something to suck both mean I’m not buying the game.

          • Metal C0Mmander

            For me the difference between having no expectation and poor expectations isn’t about whether or not I buy the game but whether or not I keep an eye out for it. Because, as much as I’d like to pretend otherwise, I am a dumb man easily swayed by my own hype and cynicism.

    • Mark

      Agreed. In fact ME4 is a pretty good example, it was disappointingly average and not up to the standard of its predecessors, but still an average game.