How to Survive at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza [ COMIC ]

Take that, Freddy!

It's 6am!!!It’s 6am!!!


  • BigLord

    Actually… lots of people think that it wasn’t because of that minor detail that the animatronics are chasing the guard. They’re just plain evil :\

    • Raxyz

      The animatronics are robots. The “evil AI” thing is one of the weakests way of scaring someone. Even though they have some “random code” that makes them wander at night, it’s stated that they kill you by trying to put you in a suit not made for humans to use. So this means that even with that random code, they still HAVE to follow the programing. So they couldn’t kill you if you’re not doing anything wrong.

      People confuse AI with sentience. AI is an advanced method of decision-taking machine, although it is unable to do anything it wasn’t meant to do. It’s a fun topic for sci-fi. A lousy one for horror.

      • Green

        Spoiler alert, if you wanna play FNAF and learn everything first-hand, don’t read the words below these ones!

        Actually, friend, it eventually turns out the robots are *deliberately* abusing the suit rule as an *excuse* to murder the guard. They’re all actively hostile because they’re haunted by the spirits of children who were murdered by a serial killer at Freddy Fazbear’s decades ago. They just focus their wrath on the security guards because they can’t make the robots harm the living when they’re actively following their performance programming during the day – with the singular exception of the especially hateful spirit that possesses the Foxy robot, which attacked a patron in the 80s, leading to it being hidden away backstage.

  • kit

    this comic sums up what I decided I would actually do in this situation very accurately

  • Tacoss.

    I will admit, the whole thing was funny until that moment. Then I just died of laughter. I’m actually a ghost now as I write this comment. Don’t ask me how I’m able to touch the keyboard.

    • PotatoeKing

      So how are you touching the keyboard is simple… you posessed someone.

  • Xuncu

    >Be a Furry