How to Make a Gaming Webcomic [ COMIC ]

“Say what!?”

But seriously, there’s more to creating a gaming webcomic than just that. You have to write a blog post, too. Usually…


  • BigLord

    … Errrr, what am I reading here? o_O

  • corpsegirly

    Best comic you’ve ever done.

  • David Herbert

    That’s how I make an LWI comic, except with less mothers and more boobies. Mostly boobs though.

  • UndeadLex

    Er. My neighbor’s another woman.
    I do believe I would be scarred for life.

  • Roderik

    Most enjoyable comic I have read in a while. Very, very sharp.

  • So that’s how you make a webcomic. Pfft I could do that.

    -Can’t Draw-

    • corpsegirly

      neither can the guy who does order of the stick

  • bidoopoo

    But…mommy said she was kissing Mr. Clemmon’s owie. Oh my God, she gave me a goodnight kiss that night. Oh God!!!

  • The Anarchyz

    Steve, nice comic

    BTW, about the whole iPhone stuff 2 comics ago, i was surfin’ on your site, brought back memories, but also, i found this:

    Interesting how a new platform and no free hours can change a man’s mind XD

    • Yeah. Though I still stand that a cell phone or smart phone is not ideal for everything, I have changed ideas since I bought one.

  • Awesome66

    Heh. This brings to mind FFCC: The Crystal berrors. One of my friends said he picked it up to play it and that it was georgous…. untill you start fighting and you realize what kind of crap you’ve gotten yourself into. It’s true! That game is awesome untill you realize that you fight…. using the… force? What? No weapons? Well shit… I cant stop playing cuz I want to know what happens. That and I’m not leaving till I get to ride a chocobo.

  • Randomgamerdude


  • Pandion

    You forgot the final two steps:
    4. ?????
    5. Profit!